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Hi, I'm Hayley Bisofsky. 

Thanks for stopping by. Maybe you're wondering who I am and why I'm writing this blog; this page should help with that. 

Growing up, my parents had a static caravan, later a small cottage on the North Wales coast in a little town called Abersoch. I was brought up spending most of my weekends sailing, fishing, power boating, wakeboarding and just generally playing around in the sea. Being around the sea feels like home to me, but after a stint of travelling in my late teens, the bright shiny lights of London caught my attention and I decided finally to move there when I was 20.

I spent ten years in London and started a charity that supported young women who had been trafficked against their will into prostitution, doing aid work overseas, studying psychology, and being an activist for human rights around the world. I loved my time in London but escaped whenever I could, and my favourite escape was always the British Coastline. 

A few years into my time in London, some close friends of mine bought a holiday home in St. Mawes Cornwall and invited me to stay over one weekend in August. I remember waking up in the morning, looking at the sea and having this overwhelming sense of coming home (even though I'd never been to Cornwall before). From that moment on, I was plotting my retirement in Cornwall. Being incredibly inpatient, plotting my retirement quickly turned into trying to buy a holiday home down here. Realising that wasn't feasible, I began to explore if living down here permanently was an option. 

At that time I had been single for 4+ years and was working remotely from my flat in central London, so my only ties to London were my friends and the convenience of having an international airport close by. The possibility of living in Cornwall began to feel like it could become a reality, but I had no clue where on earth I was going to live. 

The only place I'd ever visited in Cornwall was St. Mawes, and as beautiful as it was, I knew that I couldn't live permanently in such a small town having grown accustomed to having everything at my door step in London. 

Until this point I'd never really used Instagram all that much before, but it quickly became the best resource for me to explore Cornwall remotely. I followed about a million people living in Cornwall and began to get a feel for how they live their lives. I'm so grateful to these strangers and the little squares that they shared, as it enabled me to get a feel for each of the towns and villages around Cornwall, and allowed me to hone my search for a new home. 

I settled on Falmouth as my new home, and began telling friends in London that I was moving 6 hours away to a fishing village where I knew absolutely no one. They thought I was stark raving bonkers and began to stage interventions.

"But it's in the middle of nowhere!" 

"Do they even have internet?"

"Everyone is backwards in the country" (lol) 

"You're gonna get so fat living off fish and chips"

They were right to be concerned; after all I hadn't even visited Falmouth yet. I decided to book a train and actually visit the place that I'd already decided was going to be my new home.

On the 20th November 2015, I took a mammoth train journey from London down to Falmouth. Wow! My friends where right about something, it really hit me how far away it was. 

I got off the train and it was blowing a gail, pouring down with rain and absolutely freezing. I realised that my little leather jacket that usually got me through the winters in London wasn't going to cut it down here. It also hit me how dark it was, I was so used to all the light pollution that I'd forgotten how dark night time actually is. Weird, I know right! 

I spent the whole weekend absolutely freezing, but was taken aback by how warm everyone that I met was. They convinced me that I had found my new home. 

I went back to London and began packing up all my life, handed in my notice on my flat and started saying my goodbyes. On 30th January 2016, I drove down to Falmouth and began my new adventure. 

It didn't take long to begin making friends in such a small community, and within two weeks of  moving here, I had made friends to go wakeboarding, paddleboarding, surfing, and swimming with.  I also met a guy called Leigh who was adventurous, fun, kind, laid back, and completely different to all the bankers, lawyers, and hedge fund managers that I had been on dates with in London. We began dating, and if you hang around long enough to read any of my blog posts you'll get to know him through the stories I share. 

Since meeting we've been to Bali, Spain and Portugal together and have a few more trips in the pipe line. 

After a few months, it became clear that my life was starting to form more up on the north coast (Falmouth is on the South Coast). Leigh lived in Newquay, the surf was up on the north coast as were all the long sandy beaches. In August I moved 30 seconds from Fistral beach in Newquay, which is where I currently reside. 

From here I run my life coaching business and still remotely manage a charity that is based 'up country' and supports victims of trauma. I still occasionally do aid trips, most recently running a trauma programme in Syria and Lebanon with Afghan and Syrian refugees. 

This blog is a way of keeping my family and friends up to date with my life here in Cornwall, as well as paying forward all the insights and top tips that those strangers on the internet gave me whilst I was making my decision about whether to move down here or not.

Maybe you live here and are looking for some inspiration for this weekend's adventure, maybe you holiday here occasionally and want to find new places to pitch your tent, or maybe, like I was, you're looking to one day move down here. 

Whatever the reason you find yourself on my blog is, I'm happy to share elements of my life with you. Sign up to the blog via the email subscription box (don't forget to check your junk inbox for the confirmation email) and drop a comment on some of the blog posts. I'd love to hear about who you are and what brought you to my page. 

For blog / product collaborations or life coaching enquiries, please drop me a message at I'd love to hear from you. 

I'm open to product reviews, particularly outdoor equipment and will be blogging about food, adventure and making the most of your time in Cornwall. 

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