Anchovy salad & creating calm moments

This weekend I took Leigh to London. It was a weekend of introducing him to friends, taking him to my favourite jazz bars and restaurants, gorging ourselves on everything we laid our eyes upon at borough market and speedily rushing around on the underground. It was an absolutely brilliant weekend and it was nice to head back to my old home for a dose of a different kind of inspiration. 

We got back late Sunday evening and I woke up this morning, Monday, feeling like I'd been hit by a bus. Little sleep, too many espresso martinis at Ronnie Scotts, and copious amount of gorgeous but extremely rich and heavy food, put me in a bit of a daze. I dragged myself out of bed, drank a full chemex of coffee and tried to bash through some emails but I felt completley out of myself. I downed tools and headed to the beach for an hour of R&R, hoping it would reset my mind ready for the afternoon of conference calls that I had ahead.

I knew that spending some time in nature would calm the adrenaline hangover I was suffering from and that eating some nourishing but simple food was what my body was craving. I nipped to Sainsbury's and then headed straight to Crantock.  

Simple Anchovy Salad 

-Baby gem lettuce 

-Cherry tomatoes 




-Tin of anchovies 

-Grated parmasan 

-Lemon Juice 

-Olive oil


It's as simple as chopping everything as big or as little as you like and then throwing it all in a bowl together,  sprinkling it with parmesan, squeezing some lemon and thats it. Sit back and enjoy. 

Calm moments always bring me back to my centre again. After a moment on the beach I feel like I have more energy, clarity, and generally a greater capacity to get more stuff done. It resets my energy levels and allows me to pour more out onto others. 

You don't always need a beach on your door step to create your own calm moment. Heres some ideas for how you can create your own calm moment. 

Quiet moments 

1) Lay down and watch clouds.

2) Step outside and smell the earth immediately after rain fall and wait for the bird song to begin. 

3) Gather your friends and ask questions about how they are feeling at the moment. Listen to understand them deeper rather than listening to respond. 

4) Walk bare foot on grass, sand or soil and pay attention to the feelings and textures on the soles of your feet. 

5) Light a fire and tend it until the embers die.

6) Wake up early and watch sunrise, watch sunset on the same day. 

7) Take a nap in nature, don't set an alarm. 

8) Take a digital retreat and unplug from all your electronic devices. Read a book by candle light or simply sit in nature and watch. You will be surprised the things you notice. 

9) Make a meal using at least one foraged ingredient. 

10) Plant a seed and nurture it daily. 

How do you create your own moments of calm? I'd love to hear. Drop me a message below. 

Hails x