Natural & Organic Pregnancy Skin Care : My Second Trimester Review

This week marks the first week of my third trimester, yup i’m 27 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe how quickly this time is flying by and how ‘normal’ pregnancy now feels. Gone are the days of the first trimester where I was taking daily pregnancy tests in pure disbelief that I was actually pregnant and then panicking at any twinge or gurgling sensation that I had in my tummy.

Now, although i’m more aware than ever that I have a baby growing inside of me, it all feels quite normal and I can’t remember what life felt like when I wasn’t getting booted in the ribs or bladder every two seconds. That said, there is not one second that I don’t recognise how lucky I am to be in this position and I am never complacent or take it for granted. Every new life is a gift and should be revered as such.

Before I get swept up in the final stages of pregnancy and forget all about the last twelve weeks I wanted to recap my second trimester and share any hints and tips that I’ve picked up along the way (Mainly because I don’t want to forget them myself If I ever get pregnant again). It’s worth me stating from the outset that I feel quite guilty about saying that my pregnancy so far has been really cruisey. Except for about 4 weeks at the beginning of my pregnancy when I retched every time I opened the dishwasher in the morning, I have felt generally fine and well. My energy hasnt dropped off a cliff (yet), I haven’t had the infamous pregnancy mood swings (yet) and my overall health and wellness hasn’t been too different to how it normally is…...YET. However, there has been a few things that have popped up and I’ve been forced to find healthy, natural & organic solutions to these problems and it’s those issues that I want to cover in this blog.

Facial Skin Care Routine

One of the most noticeable changes is how pregnancy has shown itself on my skin. You know the beautiful pregnancy glow that everyone talks about? yeah, we haven’t been acquainted yet.

I usually have fairly normal skin that doesnt really get many problems or sensitivities but during my second trimester I’ve developed dry patches in the most usual of places, like my flipping eyelids and eyebrows. Random I know! They haven’t become so bad that they are sore or red but I have been plagued with a serious bout of flakey skin in those areas. Kinda like eyelid dandruff, if ever there was such a thing! On top of this my eye lashes have gotten shorter. Way shorter! My best asset by a long shot has been lost down the plug hole. Sad times, but i’ve read they come back after a few months of baby being born so i’m holding out hope for their return.

If you’ve been following me for a while or read my last pregnancy blog post covering my First Trimester you’ll know that natural, organic & plastic free is totally my vibe and are kinda the three pillars to any new routine I create whether it be about food, skin care, health or any other area of my life. In my first trimester blog I talk about how I came to fall in love with Made For Life Organics and how I used a few of their products to care for my bump, or should I say bumps, that where developing during my first twelve weeks. Safe to say that i’m still using all of those products but have added a couple more products to my list of essentials. During my first trimester I already had a facial skin care routine that was working just fine for me so I didn’t feel the need to change it but as soon as my skin changed in my second trimester my old routine no longer served me as well as it once did. It was time for a change. I sent off for some more Made For Life Organics products and I got on with them really well.


I’m a big fan of abrasive exfoliators. I love stepping out of the shower and my skin feeling like it’s had a good scrub and is baby soft. However, I found that all my old exfoliators were way to harsh on my newly sensitive skin and although they sloughed off the dead skin pretty rapid, they also dried it out more and it was flakey again in a matter of hours. They were far too potent and damaging to my skin and I was left in need of something that was still exfoliating but gentler and also nourishing. I tried the Brightening Facial Exfoliator and found that it filled the gap in my current routine perfectly. No salts, sugars or other harsh grits grating at the surface of my skin, just the wonderfully gentle Chamomile that subtly buffed away those layers that were ready to come away. In a base of Jojoba and coconut oil, calendula and rose are also there to calm any redness and prevent irritations. I use this 2-3 times a week and it’s really helped sooth and calm the area around my eyes.

You can find this product here and I also have a 20% exclusive discount code for you to use, using the code STOVES20. T's & C's - Discount excludes Discover and Travel sizes, and gift sets. Enter code at checkout. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers.


I’m just going to dive right in and say that the Daily Radiance Facial Cleansing Balm is the best product in the Made For Life Organics range. This will forever remain a permanent feature in my skin care routine now, it is insanely luxurious. I have absolutely loved the nightly ritual of taking my makeup off before bed. I place a little spatula full of this balm into the palm of my hands (about a pea size amount) and rub my hands together to warm it. I then smooth the warm balm all over my face and down my neck whilst letting the smell of roses envelop me. It is such a comfort, like crawling into a bed with an electric blanket in an otherwise stoney and cold cottage. It’s a lovely relaxing ritual that I look forward to every evening and it puts me in the bedtime state of mind. It takes off all of my makeup (even mascara) and leaves my skin feeling like silk. I know that last sentence sounds really cheesy and lame but the truth often does. I then put my muslin cloth under the hot tap and allow the hot cloth to sit on my face for a few seconds so that the steam intensifies the treatment and diffuses more of those essential oils into my airway. I gently wipe off the balm and i’m left with this dewy glow. It’s the nearest to a pregnancy glow i’ve experienced. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. I don’t feel the need for moisturiser after it and I just go to bed with naked skin and the traces of the nourishing rose oils in this treatment remain there until morning. I ran out of this product for a week and didn’t replace it quickly enough. The skin around my eyes quickly deteriorated and I had to stop wearing eye makeup until my new box arrived. Until my sensitive skin sorts itself out I really can’t live without this product. To say that its my beauty ESSENTIAL is an understatement. I can’t rave about this product more highly.

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When I wake up in the morning I wash my face with warm water and a muslin cloth. I don’t use any products to cleanse my face first thing as I don’t feel that I need it and the cleansing balm applied right before bed is still working its magic. Before I apply makeup and even on days when i don’t wear any makeup, which to be honest is most days, all I dab on is a tiny pea sized amount of Daily Replenish & Protect Facial Moisturiser. It’s a lot like the cleansing balm in texture and feels wonderful when applied to a freshly washed face. I find that it gives my skin the right amount of nourishment to keep my flakey eyelids at bay and also provides a lovely base for my makeup to sit on.

You can buy the Daily Replenish & Protect Facial Moisturiser here and be sure to use the 20% exclusive discount code STOVES20. T's & C's - Discount excludes Discover and Travel sizes, and gift sets. Enter code at checkout. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Body Care.

I am still using all the products that I listed in my first trimester blog post and so far they are serving me well and my skin has never looked or felt as good as it does right now.


Aside from my problem skin issues that I’ve talked about at length in this post, I have had a little problem with my hip bones and sleeping at night can become quite painful. As advised by the NHS I have been sleeping on my side from 18weeks and all those pregnancy hormones working hard to release my hips ready for birth are meaning that i’m getting some internal rubbing (presumingly my hip bone rubbing on my hip joint but i’m still not entirely sure) and it aches at night. At least one in seven nights i’m up doing stretches at the window at 3am because my hips are keeping me awake. After one particularly rubbish nights sleep Leigh (the hubby) grabbed me a pregnancy pillow from Mother Care. In all honesty I dont think it’s a particular good one, hence why i’ve not labelled it here and I certainly wouldn’t say it’s cured my pain, but it has helped a little and is making my nights more comfortable. I’ve also been woken up in the morning a hand full of times with painful cramps shooting down my left leg but I found that gentle stretching before bed and practising yoga has helped to overcome these. If you have any recommendations for pregnancy pillows i’d love to know as i’m still on the search. Comment below your suggestions.

I’d like to say a big thanks to the Star & Garter in Falmouth for allowing us to use their Crows Nest room for this shoot. Their restaurant is one of our personal faves and we highly recommend their Sunday roast dinners. They have a few rooms above the pub which have the most spectacular views across the bay, are centrally located and beautifully designed. The decor is really lovely. It’s the perfect place to stay in Falmouth.

Another special thanks to Lizzie Churchill for taking these awesome pics and just generally making the day fun and enjoyable. As always, it’s a joy hanging out with you.


Hails x