Pregnancy spa day at The Scarlet Hotel

I’ve finally entered into my third trimester and it has nicely coincided with me finishing my contract at work. I’m officially on maternity leave and I’ve fully indulged in having nothing to do. I’ve been declining a lot of blogging requests lately and been focusing instead on getting the house ready for babies arrival. Our hall way, still a building site with concrete floors and no ceiling, is the main priority right now but combined with the nursery redecoration we have our hands pretty full still.

However, the offer of a spa day at the Scarlet is one invite I couldn’t turn down. I have never felt the need to be pampered as great as what I do right now. My hips ache and babies weight is gradually starting to wear me down meaning my daily gentle beach walks with the dog have begun to feel like a massive work out. After a fairly cruisey past 7months I’m finally beginning to feel really pregnant and my movement is starting to be hampered. A day lounging around a pool overlooking the ocean whilst casually nipping in and out of the treatment room for pamper sessions is just what the doctor ordered. “Sign me up and get me through that door as quickly as possible” was my response to the invite when it came through.

The Scarlet Hotel holds a special little place in my heart. Leigh and I stayed there for a couple of nights on our mini-moon after we got married last year (Read that blog post here) and the family friendly sister hotel (Bedruthan Steps), which is on the road just above the Scarlet, is where Helen and I hold our Ignite Life Retreats (1 day Life Coaching and Yoga retreats for women The second I drive up along the coastal road and get a glimpse of those panoramic views over the bay I’m lulled into a state of feeling still and calm so it’s the perfect place for me to relax.

The day started with me heading down to the spa area and filling out a questionnaire that assessed my Ayurvedic dosha type. I was then met by a therapist who went through my form with me explaining the results and how she would cater the treatments I was receiving according to my dosha. After this I was lead into the treatment room for my first pamper session which was an indulgent pregnancy body scrub. I was placed on my side and large tubular cushions were used to support my body in a position that was both comfortable for me and safe for baby. One side of my body was scrubbed down and then I was flipped over for the other side to be done. The treatment ended with a light facial and then I was taken into the relaxation room for a bit of chill time before my next treatment.

The relaxation room is a floor to ceiling glass room that overlooks the outdoor natural reed filtered pool, over the outdoor hot tubs and saunas and then out to sea. It was a seriously stormy Novembers day when I was there so instead of taking a walk around the gardens, I lay nestled into my fluffy dressing gown watching the exotic grasses getting battered by the onshore winds blowing off the harsh Atlantic.

I was just considering a nap when I was gently called into my next session, guided meditation. I can only remember about the first two minutes of this session, which focused on deep relaxation and breath work, before I was fast as sleep. Im not sure what they did in this session but when i awoke I felt like I’d been sleeping for about a day. The deep relaxation box had been well and truly ticked.

The meditation session rolled into a full body massage which ended with a head and scalp treatment, all of which where blissful.

After this I went for a swim in the pool and waited to be called into my healthy spa lunch that I had whilst overlooking the bay.

My day at the Scarlet ended around 4 and I left feeling like I had been throughly taken care of and pampered. My body felt silky smooth and my mind and joints where relaxed and calm.

If you’re pregnant and looking for a day to focus on yourself I highly recommend waiting until your third trimester and treating yourself, or getting someone else to treat you, to a day at the Scarlet.