Autumn style with Lighthouse clothing brand

Autumn has arrived and I wish I could tell you about the crisp air cutting through the clear blue skies and all the fun and adventures we’ve been on whilst enjoying my favourite time of year. However, it’s been rain and thick sea mist for the last two weeks. It has been the worst start to Autumn since i moved here and the forecast is looking pretty miserable for a while.

Autumn is normally a great time to review your stock of chunky knits and maybe splash out on a raincoat but i feel like you get a bit more time to play around with Autumn style before fully committing. The weather this year has completely caught my wardrobe off guard. The terrible weather coupled with the fact that NONE of my clothes fit me any more (still carrying some post baby chub-I say that lovingly and respectfully to myself) has meant that i’ve never been so unprepared for the start of my favourite season. When Lighthouse got in touch to see if I wanted to do a collaboration there has never been more perfect timing.

If, like me, your wardrobe needs a bit of updating this Autumn check out their website. Their style is very fitting with a coastal lifestyle and is designed for “seaside strolls and wanders”. My personal faves are their Breton tops and their collection of raincoats. I went for a slightly brighter colour than I would normally choose but I think its will add an element of fun to an otherwise dark day.

All clothing pictures is Lighthouse except for Jeans (Topshop) and shoes (Vans).

*All Items were gifted but I was not paid to do this post and all thoughts are my own.