One pot wonder

The other day I had to meet with our wedding photographer to firm up some details. It just so happens that our wedding photographer, Lizzie Churchill, is a friend of mine, so we decided to meet on the beach and have some hang out time as well as talk through the logistics of my big day. 

Lizzie is not a fan of seafood, something I'm determined to change, but she said that she'd at least try whatever I cooked. We met in the car park at Crantock and unloaded the flexi buckets from the the boot of my car which held everything we needed. 

We carried them up the sand dunes and found a sheltered spot that overlooked both the Gannel and Crantock beach. It was lovely seeing the odd sunbather, the first of the season, particularly after the miserable weather we've had the last couple of weeks. 

I lit a fire and we talked wedding plans, business, family, visions for the next few years and just generally caught up. I find that conversations around a fire flow so easy. You're not as beholden to an agenda, worries dissipate and being surrounded by nature is far more inspiring than any meeting room i've ever sat in. We brainstormed so many ideas that day and a 'quick catch up' turned into a 2/3 hour soul nourishing conversation. I think I'm going to hold more of my meetings at this venue. 

The food was an unpretentious but luxurious one pot of mussels and langoustines. 


-2 table spoons Olive oil 

-Preferably white Wine but I had 1/2 bottle of rose left over from Sunday lunch the day before so I used that. 

-1/2 Red Onion

-1/2 Chilli

-1 Garlic cloves

-1/2 Lemon

-Handful of fresh dill


-Bag of vacuum packed mussels. I got mine from sainsbury's and they came in a white wine and garlic sauce. 

-A bag of another other shell fish you like. I got a frozen pack of langoustines again from Sainsburys. 

-Cornish Sea Salt. The chilli version is the bomb. 


1)Get your fire going and place your pot over the fire. 

2)Pour the olive oil in the pan and get it hot. Add the onion. 

3)Once the onion has softened put the wine, chilli and garlic into the pan. Leave to simmer for a couple of minutes. 

4) Put the langoustines into the pot and boil for around 5mins. Their shells will go from a bright orange to a darker orange. 

5) Once the langoustines have cooked through add the bag of mussels and all its flavour contents. They literally only take about 2 mins for their shells to open, especially if you're using a dutch oven and put the lid on. 

6) Take the pan off the heat, season with a pinch of Cornish sea salt, a slice of lemon and some chopped dill.

7) Serve with bread, huddle around the pot and get dunking. 

The beautiful photos are thanks to Lizzie ( 

Have fun cooking up this one. 

Hails x