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Positive Psychology Life Coaching 


My support work started by working with victims of trauma. I set up a charity in London that worked with women who had been trafficked into the commercial sex industry and began my studies in complex psychological and sexual trauma.

After a few years I began to feel the growing need to balance the 'darkness' I was working in on a daily basis with some 'light' and embarked upon my degree in psychology, which later progressed into studying positive psychology. I enjoyed the balance of working and studying at both ends of the spectrum and felt that it made my conversations with clients more well rounded and fruitful, ultimately leading to them getting better results.

For years I had been the person that all my friends came to for advice and support but it wasn't until they started referring their friends to me for 'coffee chats' that it suddenly dawned on me that what I was doing was life coaching. I decided to up-skill myself formally and embark upon a Post Graduate Certificate in life coaching at Chester University, the only academically accredited coaching certificate available in the UK.

I then set up a thriving coaching firm based in central London that worked with female entrepreneurs based in London, Sweden, Paris, New York and Israel. Over the years I have developed an extensive kit of psychological coaching tools and become expert at selecting the right ones to help the client. It is my absolute joy to now be working with clients on the stunning Cornish coast. 


'A conversation with Hayley is the best and most interesting conversation I've ever had about myself. I now have the sense of direction that I've been longing for" 

- Jen Reed, London based client. 

I offer four different coaching styles for you to choose from 

1) Traditional one to one coaching from my home in Newquay - On hold until after the summer due to house renovation 

Initial appoint 90mins = £90

Subsequent appointments 60mins = £60

2) Nature coaching

30mins phone call to discuss coaching needs, arrange the sessions and meeting location. 

Each session is personally crafted in collaboration with you. Suggestions could be a fire side chat on the beach, a cliff top walk, beach chats with wild swimming. We will chat the options through and fine tune the best combination for you. 

90mins = £110

2hours = £140

Longer sessions = Priced on application

3) Skype coaching

For my overseas and non conrwall based clients. Payment in advance via pay pal. 

Initial appoint 90mins = £90

Subsequent appointments 60mins = £60

4) Retreat

I run all retreats through please check there to see future dates. 

5) Got an idea of your own? Lets chat 

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